Nacho Bartomeus


Nombre: Ignasi
Apellidos: Bartomeus
Cargo: Researcher

I am a researcher at EBD-CSIC (Doñana Biological Station), Seville, funded by a Ramón y Cajal Fellowship. I am broadly interested in understanding how global change drivers impact community structure and composition, and how those impacts translate to the ecosystem functioning. I like to work with plant-pollinator communities because they show complex responses to land use change, climate warming or biological invasions, and encapsulate a critical ecosystem function, pollination.

Cristina Botias


Nombre: Cristina
Apellidos: Botias
Cargo: Postdocs

Cristina Botías is working on Bumblebee population dynamics including pathogens and other global change drivers.

Carlos Zaragoza


Nombre: Carlos
Apellidos: Zaragoza
Cargo: PhD Student

Carlos Zaragoza is interested in how different drivers of global change interact to affect wild bees. Co-supervised with Montse Vilà.

Miguel Angel Collado


Nombre: Miguel Angel
Apellidos: Collado
Cargo: PhD Student

Miguel Ángel Collado is studying bee cognitive ecology. Co-supervised with Dani Sol.

Curro Molina


Nombre: Curro
Apellidos: Molina
Cargo: Lab Manager (Technician)

Our man on the field and he takes care of the lab. In love with bees and entomology.