Ramón Casimiro-Soriguer Escofet


Nombre: Ramón
Apellidos: Casimiro-Soriguer Escofet
Cargo: Scientific Tenure

My main research topics have been the biology, ecology and genetics of mammals and birds species, particularly on spatial ecology of Iberian ibex, wild boar and red deer. I has also conducted numerous studies on small mammals, conservation biology of endangered species, and parasites-host interactions. In this last issue highlights the numerous studies and publications on epidemiology and genetics of sarcoptic mange. I has been the Scientist Coordinator of the Large Scientific-Technical Installation (RBD-2006) belonging to the Spanish Ministry of Research, Science and Innovation, in the Doñana Biological Reserve where the develop of new monitoring devices and network for study the migration, movement, dispersion of animals host and their interaction with pathogens had been one of the 5 main goals.

Jordi Figuerola Borrás


Nombre: Jordi
Apellidos: Figuerola Borrás
Cargo: Scientific Research

My research focus on the interplay between behavioural, evolutionary and population ecology. I combine comparative analyses, with long term monitoring and field experiments to respond a wide range of questions related to the conservation of biodiversity, the evolution of life-history and ecological interactions. One of my main interests is understanding the transmission and evolutionary dynamics of pathogens and how environmental factors, including host characteristics may affect their transmission and dispersal.

Laura Gangoso de la Colina


Nombre: Laura
Apellidos: Gangoso de la Colina
Cargo: Ph D

My research focuses mainly on the fields of behavioral and evolutionary ecology, as well as conservation biology. I have recently expanded my interests to the relationships between host, pathogens and vectors at the individual and ecosystem levels, and the impact of these interactions on population dynamics and biodiversity conservation. I use a multidisciplinary approach that combines population monitoring, field and laboratory experiments to tackle how host's phenotypic traits and environmental variation determine vector attraction and the probability of pathogens transmission.

Duarte S. Viana.


Nombre: Duarte
Apellidos: S. Viana.
Cargo: Ph D.

I am a postdoc researcher interested in the study of organism movement and biodiversity distribution. My research has been focused on understanding how different organisms, including plants and animals, as well as pathogens, move and disperse and how their movement capacity affects their geographical distribution and diversity patterns.

Josué Martínez-de la Puente


Nombre: Josué
Apellidos: Josué Martínez-de la Puente
Cargo: Ph. D.

My main research line focuses on the study of the ecology of transmission of vector-borne pathogens under natural conditions, including emerging and re-emerging ones. I use novel molecular methods and combine experimental approaches with extensive monitoring of natural processes to identify those factors affecting the interaction between pathogens, insect vectors and vertebrate hosts in mainland Europe and oceanic islands as well as their consequences for public health.