Javier Bustamante.


Nombre: Javier
Apellidos: Bustamante
Cargo: Scientific Researcher

I am a Scientific Researcher at the Department of Wetland Ecology at Doñana Biological Station, and the principal researcher from HORUS project. I started to work with lesser kestrels back in 1988, studying parent-offspring conflict. My research has covered various aspect of the behavior, ecology and conservation biology of birds of prey; but also, guanacos in Patagonia, penguins in Antarctica, bird distribution models, or wetland dynamics with remote sensing. You can check my official and unofficial webpage and also my scientific publications in ResearchGate and GoogleScholar.

Carlos Rodríguez López


Nombre: Carlos
Apellidos: Rodríguez López
Cargo: Postdoctoral scientist

Carlos Rodríguez López. I am a postdoctoral scientist at Doñana. In 1998, I got the degree in Biology in the University of Salamanca. In 1999, I did my PhD at Doñana Biological Station. Afterwards I made my post-doc in Germany in the Department of Ecological Modelling (UFZ-Leipzig) and the Institute of Ecology (University of Jena). I came back to Spain in 2008, working in several scientific projects. Currently I am a post-doc of the JAE program (CSIC) linked to the EU BON project.

Manuel Baena


Nombre: Manuel
Apellidos: Baena
Cargo: Telecommunication Engineer

I am a Telecommunication Engineer. I started to work in HORUS project in 2007. I have been the main designer of the "smart nest-box" and responsible for connecting sensor cameras and all the technical stuff.

Jesús Marín


Nombre: Jesús
Apellidos: Marín
Cargo: Telecommunication Engineer

I am a Telecommunication Engineer. I started to work in HORUS project in 2011. I have been responsible for keeping the system running during the last years.

Jesús Hernández-Pliego


Nombre: Jesús
Apellidos: Hernández-Pliego
Cargo: PhD

I am a PhD student at Doñana Biological Station. I got the degree in Biology in the University of Seville in 2010. In 2011, I finished my master studies in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology in the Pablo de Olavide University. After that, I started my thesis that focuses on the movement ecology of the lesser kestrel using GPS-dataloggers.

Juan José Negro


Nombre: Juan José
Apellidos: Juan José Negro
Cargo: Research

. I am Professor of Research and currently the Director of Doñana Biological Station. I started my research on ecology of birds of prey in the 80's with a PhD thesis on the lesser kestrel. Apart of lesser kestrels in particular and birds of prey in general I have research lines on bird coloration, and on molecular genetics.

Ramón Soriguer


Nombre: Ramón
Apellidos: Soriguer
Cargo: Researcher

I am a Scientific Researcher at Doñana Biological Station. My research has mainly involved ungulates and other herbivores. My main interest within HORUS is the use of Information and Communication Technology in ecological research.

Airam Rodríguez


Nombre: Airam
Apellidos: Rodríguez
Cargo: Researcher

I am a post-doctoral researcher at Doñana Biological Station and at Phillip Island Nature Parks, Australia. In my PhD, I studied the migratory strategies of the lesser kestrel using geolocators and genetic markers. Currently, I am studying the effects of light pollution on organisms, especially seabirds.